Thursday, October 27, 2011

"$0 Bag," I kid you not.

Driving along, with two small humans sleeping in their carseats behind me, I found myself reflecting on the bounty I left with after a recent wardrobe swap -- as one is prone to do.  I decided then that I lacked tops. More tops, was all I needed, to make the wardrobe transformation complete.  I remembered I also lacked funding for such a frivolous venture. 

I remembered the dangerous place I found in the valley, and considered the shrapnel I'd felt clashing in the zipped sleeve of my wallet earlier that day, when I'd loaded it into my satchel.  The dangerous place in the valley only requires a measly dollar to fill a bag.  If I were to fill an entire bag with tops -- without trying them on -- surely one would be a winner, and that find would improve my current habit of wearing a single top with/under/combo-ed with every cardi / sweater / blazer / scarf / vest I own.  I'd virtually double my options.  (Realistically, I do have other tops, I just don't wear them much at all.)

I went.

In under 4 minutes, I filled a bag, and was (kindly) told to leave without paying (kidmeat-hauling pity?).

With the aid of the Eskinator (who has learned how to run photobooth), I share;
  • When I proudly shared my bag's contents with Haki (yes, he comes home occasionally...and yes, I'm deliberately vague about when), he said, "Aren't three of those the same colour as the one you already wear all the time?"  
  • I do a pretty mean mock-squinty, "Hey!" 
  • If you look closely (because that's fun), you'll find The Top I Currently Live In is in the majority of the pics (all but two).  He's kind of right.
  • I have three of The Top I Currently Live In.  It/they has/have puffy sleeves.  It probably shouldn't be worn under other tops, for this reason.
  • Yes, I am proudly using the "Boob Crush" arm-fold pose in more than one of these shots in an effort to hide The Hiders from y'all.
  • Haki took the computer away that took these photos.  I know you will all miss the sub-par backdrop, lighting and reflected "Family" text dearly.  We'll adapt, rest assured.
  • In shot 5, you'll note Esky decides her duties as assistant extend beyond clicking the cursor on a red button to passing the next top to be tried on and saying, "Now this one, Mama!"
  • None of these items are combined as I would wear them, day-to-day, for the record.  That's just way too much time on something I'm already giving too much time.
  • I said that top on the chair was a dud, but I'm wearing it now as I add this edit -- it's nothing special, but I actually like it for layering.  NO DUDS!  (and the other shirt I gave to a young lass at church.)
  • I like my free jeans too.
All of it.
The end.
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