Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eight "Have you..." Questions at 8:00

  1. Have you ever deliberately mixed a single glass of powdered milk, badly, so that you could eat the milk powder lumps and called it "dessert?"  Neither.  /sideways-glances-belying-the-truth
  2. Have you read The Hunger Games? If not, why not, already?! 
  3. Have you seen the posters and stills for the movie adaptations of The Hunger Games popping up like dark spring daisies all over the webiverse? ...daisy, daisy, daisy.  Eee - March 2012!
  4. Have you ever won anything?  I have.  A lot.  No, I didn't win an Alot, but I do win a   ...  lot.  This past month I've won twice - one semi-fancy prize I don't care to name because I'm giving it away as a gift (it was from Telecom), the other was a serious pack of  All Blacks kids gear - head-to-toe fan stuff (from buying a pack of Treasures nappies).  
  5. Have you read this article about how we are getting so OSH-mad we're ruining the kiddilicks?  We're ruining them, I tell you.  This is thought-provoking, parent-wise too.
  6. Have you ever thought Mormons were pretty freaky / creepy / weird / crazy?  Go on, be honest.  Clearly you're not carrying a giant stick with "Let's get those Mormons," on it, or you wouldn't spend any time in these parts...wait, you didn't know I was a Mormon?  I am.  So, back to the question, I'm intrigued - is there anything I've ever said / posted that made you go, "Really, Mormons do that?  I thought they only wore yellow shirts on the fourth Sunday after a pink moon in the West."  Or do you think Mormons are pretty well understood now?  Hmmm?  I got thinking about it because of this documentary project about Mormons(Yeah, I realise the question in bold is past tense.  I get it if you still think we're weird...because you do spend time in these parts.  Thanks for staying anyway.)
  7. Have you heard of schemas?  In the Early Childhood Education sense?  I love them.  I find some educational theory is blahblahblah, but schemas, for me, are such a fascinating way to consider and think about little humans and their learning.  After reading (a little) around the subject, I found what I'd read was shaping the play oppotunities I was creating for a marvellous way.  Schemas = good times. 
  8. Have you ever wished Gregory House was your GP?  I have.  I do, regularly.  The wish includes a proviso that I am his favourite patient. Ever.  Because I'm a smart Wisher. 
Answer one, eight, or anything in between -- I welcome it.
Aw, this "Eight at 8:00" from the archives has me all sentimental...over yooooooou (Esky).  And I am so very often reliving item 6 on that list, with Ivy.  It's what you do to get the cutest shots, I say.  I SAY!
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