Friday, October 14, 2011

Eight Opinions at 8:00

I'm of the opinion that...
  1. Monkey bars aren't for grown-ups.  Surely.  Not self-respecting, steroid-free ones, SURELY.  Have you tried to swing across those things recently? 
  2. Wardrobe swaps rule.  I went to a great one.  I was pretty nervous...mainly because much of my actual wardrobe (read "worn wardrobe") consists of three ensembles appropriately described as, "Possibly slept in, definitely comfortable, certainly unflattering."  I was sure to wear one of my other outfits to the swap (I've been known to do that a few days a week).   Anyhow, lovely people and rad-rad clothes meant I left feeling like I'd given my entire collection an overhaul and refresh with zero cash spent and great gals met.  Thanks, Bee and Gem!  Thanks for the muffins too, sweet Bee, I hope you understand that I've frozen them for future enjoyment!
  3. Talent shows are entertainment and a work-out.  Well, namely X-Factor doubles as both.  I stream episodes while I post / upload photos / edit / email and I find myself stopping for some introductions and performances.  I freeze.  I mean it - I tense up all over as though I'll be shot if I twitch.  Until the person sings, I'm a rock.  Then when they do sing, I tense and untense throughout their performance as they go for each high note or when they make a move as though they're about to dance.  It's involuntary; I've tried to turn it off, and it's not working - I'll take deep breaths and slowly release every muscle and then think, "There, stay like that, aaaaah," and 10 seconds later I go, "What the?  I'm all tensed again."  Occasionally, I also get butterflies.  
  4. Patrick Jane is pretty much a super hero.  (Yup, something else I stream once the kidlets are out for the count.)  Cho is my sidekick of choice.
  5. The crazy fatigue thing was not sleep or overdoing it, it was a virus or something else, because I am telling you, I have had so little sleep and done so much in the past week (including nursing like I have triplets), and I'm feeling fine (recovering from the gastrobug included). That other thing was horrendous - I mean, puking's no cakewalk (well, recognisable cake, anyway, and you'd be running, wouldn't you), but it is so short-lived.  Thank goodness.  May the drawn-out mystery illness ne'er return!  Argh!
  6. Mocka's still super.  Their balance bikes are on special again (I felt bad that their sale ended right when I posted about it last time).
  7. The teacher in me never dies.  I caught myself doing uniform checks as I drove by one of my previous schools last week. 
  8. My husband's hot.  And I miss him.  Haki and I have been on precisely one date without Ivy since she was born.  We went weekly after Esky.  A willing watcher is not to blame...the husband next-to-never being here, however, has everything to do with it. 
There are eight, SherryLisa!  LOOK!
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