Thursday, October 13, 2011

For My Nurse

Today, Esky and I fashioned a toy stethoscope from found objects;
  • left-over clothes-line, 
  • electrical tape, 
  • a circular magnet, 
  • earpieces from a pair of rejected headphones, and 
  • two beads (Esky's idea). 
It's the least my nurse deserves.

I've realised in my husband's absence, my two-year-old is my best friend.  Sincerely.  Sorry if you thought it was you.

It's a shame she can't say the same of me;
That's right, Lily and her dress of many colours received all of the attention after this project was complete - rest assured, she's breathing and sounding very well, according to the nurse's reports and praise...and "She's very brave" to boot.  Who can compete with all that?
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