Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lighthouse Garden Tour - October 2011

I've taken my snappedy snaps earlier this year - I'll catalogue this garden's ways yet (although I still missed capturing the magic of the wild plum's blossoms a few weeks ago - they were breathtaking).

The daffodils declared Spring was coming through snow, more than a month ago, and many of these bulb wonders have stuck around;
Honesty is blooming (although I prefer its silvery seed sheaths to the mediocre purple flower);
And this yellow beauty is attacting many-a-Tui:
Thanks, oh yellowy one.
And I'm told I've suspended the swing from a wild ash tree.  Whatever it is, it's my favourite thing on the property, those green blossoms look as though they are being cradled on elderly branch-fingers;

And what's a photo of a tyre swing without a shot of a happy swinglet?

Thank you, Mr Loveofmylife, for allowing us to enjoy this half acre, all day, any Spring day we choose.

I am giddy at the thought of what's to come! (Wisteria, Jasmine, Solomon's Seal, and the Lillies, to name few!) I'm so pleased I took photos last Spring and Summer (Nov 2010; Jan 2011).

I am learning so much! 
(Thanks Mum!  And my green-thumbed readers and Lighthouse guests!)

P.S.  So is Miss Esky, who gleefully spots and names Forget-me-nots where e'er we go!  Yes, I have used an abundance of exclamation marks.  The blooms made me do it.
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