Monday, October 24, 2011

Rockets, Roads, Rolls, Rainbows and...Milk

I'm still finding that doing one novel thing each day with Esky -- usually in the morning -- sets me up for ripper of a day.  No matter how relaxed, chore-filled, or chaotic the rest of the day may become, Esky is chirpier, more helpful and sweeter when she knows that making her day memorable came first.  Perhaps she wouldn't frame it in those exact terms, but I can see the difference 5 minutes makes -- it's a no-brainer investment.

Here's some of her favourite novelties from the past month:
I calendar each activity for planning purposes and to help Esky with the measurement of time; Esky can't comprehend, "Papa will be home in 5 weeks," but she can see activity images on a calendar and thereby measure days and weeks leading up to a landing plane illustration.

Pinspiration here, here, here, here and here.  Some of these were repins, others were old-time pins of my own.  All are valued, so thank you, sharing types.

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