Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stickermule, Creative Fuel

Nick, from Stickermule sent me an email saying they would love to print some stickers for me in return for a mention on my blog.  A hundred smackers worth of stickers.

Well, if you're gonna twist my arm.

Stickermule specialises in printing custom stickers in bulk; think of them as a wholesaler for designers or aspiring creative peop's - you can come up with a unique laptop or iPhone skin, and then order a set for family and friends, or to sell in your Etsy store or market stall.  You can do pretty much any kind of sticker you want, really...and have them printed on vinyl, trimmed to size, and delivered to your door (worldwide).
And the site's branding and tools are sharp, as are the staff.

What did I do with my store credit?
I designed and ordered stacks of these babies:

And I love them.  Don't be surprised if you get one tucked in an envelope sometime soon.  Unless I don't seem to like you much, then be surprised.  Although the chances of both you reading more than 100 words about my hobbies and me not seeming to like you are highly improbable.

One of the things I was most impressed with about using Stickermule was their ordering process.  Templates are available, the steps are straight-forward, and payment is not deducted from your account until you are happy with the proof you are emailed.   And the team at Stickermule fix poor quality images and accept any file type -- how appealing is that?

While completing my order, I picked up a few glitches in the matrix -- they were mostly a result of me being a New Zealand customer -- Stickermule had these fixed in a jiffy (you're welcome, future NZ customers).

In sum, I'm impressed.  A company that is confident an open review (I say what I want here, folks) will be favourable is usually confident for a reason; Stickermule's service and product is top notch.

Keep in mind you're buying in bulk, and you're paying for quality, and I think you'll be happy with it too.
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