Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Very Long Photo Caption

Here is a photo from one of Haki's recent trips home.  Not his latest one -- he'll have you know -- because no-ho-hoooo, he is much browner now.  Anyhow, this scene could be from almost any of his trips home; while we do spend lots of time laughing, playing, out and about, in and about, and doing things, a lot of napping goes on too.  Especially naps of the spontaneous-Papa-nap variety.  This is such a nap.  You may also observe Esky is touching her "magic button" (she has ever since I weaned her off of touching mine, which is what I weaned her onto when I weaned her off of what the expression "weaned her off of" is really used to refer to).  This shot also depicts a number of solo-mothering adaptations to the room -- present after Papa's arrival; a toilet roll for middle-of-the-night sneezes, a "baby" monitor so I can be far away with Ivy even though there is no one else to listen out for my toddler, a "book wall" wedged in by the rail so Esky's drink bottle won't fall down and require I come and fetch it (Esky never gets out of bed once in).    You can't see them, but there are also pins holding her sheet to her top blanket to prevent a sheet worm emerging at her feet below her covers in the night.  Hallelujah for summer and a duvet alone!  You may also spy gifts from lovely friends -- handmade pillowcases and wall art -- prized gifts.  One of my homemade mobiles and Esky's silhouette.  And there, there is the rail that Pop fashioned and fixed to the bed -- another solo-mothering adaptation/cure for bumps in the night.  Also, this is one of Esky's last day naps.  She doesn't do it very often anymore, and if she does, she doesn't do it here.

So, how long can you type about one photo?  Hmmmm?  Seriously.  Do it...and leave me a link, I'll visit.  Promise.
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