Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Yellowy-Green Wave


24-hour bug, Positives and Negatives:
(the squeamish should stop here)

Negative:  Lacking a second set of parent arms to cradle sickly babes.
Positive: Haki was spared the grief of enduring the virus and the heart-wrenching sights and smells of sick babes.

Negative:  All that barfing.  And you-know-whatting. 
Positive: When Esky, entering the bathroom and looking at my latest icecream container of expelled bleh (which I was flushing), said, "It's yellow, like Kashin the elephant!"*  I was laughing before the pre-chunder sweat had even dried from my brow; kids are awesome.
*Yup, ASB bank's branding sure works on my child - Kashin is one of two piggybanks ASB gifted Haki when he opened his business account.  Like Pig (her other piggybank from BNZ - which we don't even have account with), Kashin has been relegated to the bath.

Negative:  Not having my sisters or mother close by - not even on the the same island.
Positive: Having a mother-in-law who, without hesitation, not only drove out to help us (risking infection /gag), but informed work she would be leaving early to do so.  She came bearing many get-well foods and the second set of arms.

Negative:  We're all wiped... 
Positive: ...and cuddly, so very cuddly.

Negative:  We've been sick a lot, lately.  
Positive: I had in lots of practise before this hit, as well as some practical measures that help to alleviate things - like being ready with containers near each bed, covering pillows with towels (thanks Ana - so obvious and smart!), and asking for help instead of trying to prove something by doing it alone.  I've learned.  Finally.

Negative:  This time, I caught it.  I've been dreading the day I get sick at the same time as the girls - watching your cherubs in temporary suffering is enough, but scrubbing the vom-chunks in between vomiting myself took things to a new low. 
Positive: If I hadn't fallen sick immediately after Esky, I would have missed out on seeing Esky transform into a nurse.  She replicated everything she'd observed me do over the previous 24 hours - back-rubbing, hair stroking, extra-frequent hugs, offers to get water, and high fives for achievements - like getting all of the spew in the nearest receptacle and surviving each burst.  Nurse Esky = Adorable.  Almost worth getting sick to see.  Almost

Negative:  Even though I know this will all be over soon (Esky and I are moving slowly, but we're much better, Ivy's the last one to mend), I also know mounds of washing in various states of soaking and scrubbing await me. 
Positive: I live in a time and place with a modern shower, washing machine and many buckets - I cannot imagine doing this without those...poor humans who did/do.  When Esky first soiled all of the blankets, her pyjamas and mine, and all of her hair, we got into the shower/bath with all of the muck, washed ourselves and linen, and then put the plug in and topped up with water, vinegar and lavendar.  I faced it the next day - with next to no smell.  Modern, first-world luxuries.

Negative:  This is the first time I've seen a baby sick this way.  I cried a wee bit the first time I saw her wretching, but I've got that under control now, for Esky's sake.  /phew 
Positive: This is also the first time I've seen how a baby feels zero obligation to stay awake or do anything when said baby feels like trash.  Ivy is dozing non-stop, and unlike her toddler sister, does not fight the fatigue and nausea to play.

Negative:  My milk supply took a serious hit after 30 hours without food (well, there was that one banana, but it came out looking like Kashin).
Positive: Dry toast is a five star meal after 30 hours without food.

Negative:  We're all wiped...  
Positive: ...and cuddly, so very cuddly. 

Even Lucius must've detected the toll this short-term illness has been taking, as he went out and caught his first rabbit and spread its entrails by the front door as a sympathy gift; "Good morning!".
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