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Ask a Nutrionist: Yum Yum Kids Review Part 1

Part 1 - I tell you about how sometimes you can get something for nothing.
Part 2 - I tell you about the products I've tried, and give away free stuff.  Don't be late.
Yum Yum Kids' point of difference is in its specialisation and personalisation; there are a lot of options out there for online shopping for children's products, but I've seen few sites with this kind of edge.  Yum Yum Kids specialises in supporting parents in feeding their children -- through milk, mush, and beyond.  Instead of buying a feeding product from a sales clerk or business owner stocking everything from cots to carseats, you're dealing with someone who loves and knows stacks about food -- for any age.  Why?  Because the wizard behind the curtain is not only a sweetheart, she's a Nutritionist....a Nutritionist dispensing advice...for free. 

I like free stuff.  Quality free stuff is the best kind, and so I'm stumped as to why I'd now go anywhere else for this kind of advice. What kind?  I'll show you what kind;
I asked:  
I am exclusively nursing a 5-month-old and caring for a 2-year-old while my husband travels excessively.  I have been suffering from fatigue for over a month, along with bouts of dizziness, light-headedness and occasional headaches – not surprising?  Well, according to my blood test results, my iron and B vitamin levels are great, and there are no signs of infection or anything viral.  Apart from other changes I’m making in regards to sleep, water, and sunshine (which I’m getting plenty of), is there anything in my diet I should seriously examine to see if I can counter these symptoms nutritionally?

Kate answered:
My first answer would have been iron and B vitamins but you have got that covered with the blood tests.  Although frustrating that it doesn’t give a reason why you are feeling the way you are it is a good thing they are normal.  Definitely water and sleep make a big difference, although with a 5 month old and 2 year old sleep probably sounds like a foreign term.  My next question would be are you eating enough (quantity-wise)?  Dizziness etc could be to not having enough food in your tum tum.  Remember when breastfeeding you do need more, not just more energy (kJ) but also more of fruit, veges, carbohydrates and protein. So it is about quality of diet not just quantity.  Choose foods based on what they are a good source of i.e. dark, green leafy veges for folate.  Protein rich foods are also a good source of iron and B12 so although your levels are fine it might help keep them that way. Try and write down for a couple of days and see what you are really eating, then assess this against what you should be eating!  You will spot any gaps pretty quickly.

I concentrated on eating more food, generally, after Kate's feedback, and things rapidly improved.  We'll never know for sure if this was responsible wholly or in any part for the mystery illness departing hence, but I feel much better, and have ever since I started eating a crazy volume of quality foods.

I asked:
In an effort to enrich my diet, one of the things I’ve adopted in my daily menu is a green smoothie – my preferred green being spinach.  What are your thoughts on green smoothies?  Spinach has been given quite a ribbing in relation to how much iron is actually absorbed when consumed, but I’m thinking iron is not all this leafy goodie is offering – I’m not wasting my time, right?  Surely Pop-eye wouldn’t lie. 

Kate answered:
Pop-eye definitely wouldn’t lie and you are right it is more than just iron.  However, there is some truth to the point re the absorption of non-haem iron (basically iron found in plant sources) and the fact that it is not absorbed or used by the body as well as iron in red meat is.  It can help to team the plant based iron with vitamin C i.e. tomato, orange or kiwi fruit -- as this will signifcantly improve how much is absorbed.  Spinach, as I say, is also a good source of folate, so no, you are not just using it for the iron content – plus it helps contribute to your 6 serves of fruit and vege you are aiming for when breastfeeding. So not a time waster at all – just be realistic about why you are having it would be my only suggestion.  If it is for iron alone then you can probably make some better food choices for this.
I asked:
During pregnancy, we are bombarded with messages about food safety, which are only reiterated when we being introducing first solids to infants.  The possibilities for using a Thermos food jar (like the ones I see you stock) appeal to me, but is it really safe to keep foods at warm to lukewarm temperatures for hours at a time, rather than serving soon after heating?  What are the rules for using this product?  I would love to make a warm meal and have it available, warm, the entire day that I’m out!

Kate answered:
You are right to have concern with this, and yes, food safety is really important to consider.  The reason that we sell the Thermos food jars and not any others is because of the quality and the rigouros testing that has been done on the product.  Thermos products use TherMax vacuum insulation which virtually eliminates temperature change by creating an airless vacuum space between two stainless steel walls. This in human speak means that as long as the food is hot enough when it goes it it will be fine from a food safety perspective.  To be extra safe you can pre-heat the jar with hot water for 5 – 10 minutes.  The food safety concern only comes into play when as you say food is left to sit at an undesirable temperature for too long.  Just to reitterate though that it won’t keep for the entire day.  I would say a morning (i.e. 5 hours).

Did I fail to ask your question?  Read more Q&A here, or add a "Q" of your own!

Watch this space for Part 2 of the Yum Yum Kids review, for my honest opinion about some products designed to assist in making feeding exciting... well as some products for making Super-Mumming easier during the ol' mush phase.
Oh, and for the awesome giveaway, of course.

  • Thanks Mousehouse Megan, for gettin' me and Kate together -- this is the first review opportunity I've had in a while that I wanted to get behind.  
  • Yup, I received products in return for my review and giveaway...but I say what I like here.  You'll see in Part 2, there are some positives and some negatives...

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