Thursday, November 10, 2011

Avy Shakes as Sorbets...

...are delicious, for the record.

I've been all sensible and self-restrained lately -- when we've made Avy Shakes I've poured a modest glass for me (okay, it's one really large glass, pictured, but in the past, it was two of those), one for Esky, and then frozen the rest -- either in single serve tubs (I use cheapo jelly moulds) or in an old icecream container.  I find it's not as sweet, frozen, but that's kind of a relief...because I feel like I need to peel back after the "modest" glass I've had only a day before.  Spreading the calories over multiple days (two consecutive days is pretty much the best I can do) makes these more acceptable, surely. 

And...oOooOo, less than 24 hours to enter 
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