Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eight Post Scripts at 8:00

  1. If you thought the posters were exciting, you should see the trailer.  Holding in the excitement-pee as best I can, but I'm not sure for how long. 
  2. Like many of you, I am pretty selective about the books that line our shelves and fill our library bag...but some gifted books are handled and cuddled (surely she's not the only one that does this?) before they are screened...and I think in these cases, tape works wonders.
  3. Altering endings -- as a mother's right -- is not new, in my family.
  4. The Primary Presentation is always a treat, and this year's was no exception -- in fact, it was more magical to me because it had more children -- many of whom did not know each other well -- and because there were so many of those moments that "are" Primary Presentations (a child who virtually eats the microphone while delivering his line -- check; a child who is too shy when it comes her turn and so her mother says her part for her -- check; a child giving a part at the wrong time...and then again at the right time, to alert-audience-members' delight -- check; and a hilarious Mondegreen -- check...even better, it was one I'd heard before), as well as stacks of things I had seen so strong in any other presentation (children helping each other with their parts and giving thumbs' up to each other so frequently).  So, so thrilled. 
  5. Esky joined the other Nursery children in singing two songs up the front...even though her bottom lip was trembling up a storm.
  6. We revisited the very same orphaned lamb Esky saw two months ago, making her more than merry. 
  7. I am getting excited about suspending Ivy's initial next to her stocking, this year.  I get all a-flutter when I remind myself that last Christmas she was a gender-mystery.
  8. Haki came home for 2.5 days.  It was glorious.  Every minute of it.  That lovely Mister sat and made 54 "gold medals" with me, the night before the presentation (chocolate coins suspended on ribbon with praise-stickers on top).  He carried my bags.  He played with our girls.  He whispered sweet nothings, helped around the house, and made me laugh and laugh and laugh.  He also reached over, bear-hugging me, and said, "Honey, if I had known back then how amazing you were going to be, I wouldn't have waited 6 days." And he said about six things this sickly sweet. 
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