Saturday, November 26, 2011

Esky, the Slide-lover

Esky's officially 2.5.  And...
  • ...she surprised me by asking if it was time to take her stockings off after she watched Ivy get her last immunisation, needle 'n' all.
  • ...she told me that one day she'll be a mama and have milk for Ivy.  Ah...HOPE NOT.  I did explain that Ivy will age too.  Nonplussed, she has since redirected to nursing her toy horse, elephants and pig.  George, in particular, is a guzzler.  Better them than you though, eh, fully-grown Ivy? You can thank me later.
  • ...her new white horse "friend" is named "Wednesday," after the day Papa returned home with it peeking mock-surreptitiously out of his breast pocket as he crossed the tarmac.  She had been replying to those enquiring after "Daddy," "He is coming back on Wednesday," for a stretch of almost 6 weeks.
  • ...she is still dishing out praise often -- upon observing Ivy's jumping or crawling skills...or me returning from a bowel movement.  /tweeting awkward-birds.  And...
  • ...should I say, "Excuse me, a moment," she always asks, "Where are you going?" If I add, "I need to use the bathroom," she cries, "Then RUN to the toilet!" and then, "Well done Mama, you did it!"  I'm practically a super hero.
  • ...tantrums are on the rise.  My sisters still laugh at what I call "a tantrum," but I can see my little toddler testing what is acceptable and what is not.  It was an interesting (and long) day when she figured out "Time Out" is not an actual cell, nor are their restraints.
  • ...she is mad about slides -- slides made out of blocks, Lego, my arm or legs, food, cushions, anything.  Conventional slides are also acceptable.
  • ...I cannot tell her sleeptalking from her, I'm-awake-and talking-talking.  I have heard her clearly enunciate full sentences, including: "Please, Mama, I need a tissue," only to find her stretched out, eyes closed, completely asleep upon checking on her.  It was funny, at first.  Now I'm tired, and it's less funny.  
  • ...she often disciplines herself.  If she realises she's used an unkind tone with me, or snatched something from Ivy (even if it's something Ivy shouldn't have -- she knows she's meant to take it carefully and explain to her while she's doing it why, and give her something else to hold), she hangs her head and goes away for a while, then returns and apologises. 
  • ...she made my ovaries flame red hot when she put her arm around Ivy, who was sitting next to her, and said, "You're my best friend."
  • of her other friend favourites is a li'l man affectionately referred to as "Wombat."  One Sunday, after church, they occupied themselves "doing running." They stopped over by the fence that separates the chapel lawn from a driveway.  The two made a short verbal exchange there, Esky putting her hand on Wombat's shoulder and leaning in for much of it, before running back.  On the drive to the MIL's aftewards, it occurred to me I need not sit and wonder what the pair had shared, fence-side, I asked, "What did you say to [Wombat] when you were over by the fence?  I saw you talking to him."  Without hesitation, she recounted, "It is my job to keep him safe."  Being so close to cars going 5km per hour must make her heart pound.
  • ...she has taken to finishing off Ivy's pureed and mashed foods -- avocado and banana puree, whizzed up spaghetti -- the list goes on.  This wouldn't bother me so much if it hadn't seriously cut into my food source. 
  • ...I am in awe of how much of General Conference that kid actually absorbs.  Being in the room and listening while colouring / making little dolls go down hand-drawn slides, she echoes key words she recognises, occasionally looking up to make eye contact with me, wide-eyed and excited.  
  • ...her chatty ways hid behind a dipped chin and whispering tongue for a long time, when in public, but of late she's become more confident at "speaking up" when asked a question. 
  • ...did I mention she GREW OUT OF HER NUT ALLERGIES!? Hallelujah!  Yes, I did.
  • ...she loves being outside.  This warrants a post of its own.
  • ...she's taken to filming things with her own (generously gifted) camera.  Yup, that's another post.  A marvellous one.
Let's close with a negotiation from a month or so ago:
Me: 1 more.
Esky: 3 more.
Me: 1 more.
Esky: 3 more.
Me: Okay, 2 more.
Esky: 3 more.
Hang on a minute...

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