Monday, November 14, 2011

I moonlight as a Book Editor

I was making beds and drawing back curtains whilst Haki read to Esky, one morning not too long ago.  I would occasionally cock my head and pause to listen to how he would read a line I had read so many times, and how she would react to his delivery.  Then I'd draw the next curtain open and continue along my invisible but well-trodden morning path, smiling.

The elsewhere rhythm was disrupted when Haki called across the hallway, "Ah, hon'?  What's this?"  I mentally replayed the last few lines I'd heard in the current story, and immediately knew which page the pair had reached.

The page with the tape.
I waved him on, past the pages taped together, waving away his raised eyebrows too.

The story follows a young monster called Henry, whom Big Bird comes to visit.  All morning Henry's mother is busy (read: ignoring him), occupied with a new baby brother.  After repeatedly seeking her attention, Henry eventually loses it and screams that he wishes his baby brother was never born...then the mother stops and hugs him (see him wiping away the tears?) and gives him the much-needed affirmation that he is still loved.*

Or rather, that's how the story used to go. In Esky's version Henry does a lot of waiting, and then the mother is seen to spontaneously realise it is time to divert her attentions to the elder sibling, and comforts him. Thanks, tape.

So I do some sticking doctoring...doesn't everybody?

This was not the first time, nor do I expect it to be the last.

*I get that such feelings and outcries happen, but I don't see the need to suggest them if they haven't. I mean, Esky has never displayed anything but affection for her little sister, and if she felt her needs were not being met, she'd tell me -- in words.  And if she should ever lose her temper -- I'd respond (differently to this, I might add)...but again, I see no cause for reading and rereading a story wherein it appears that is how you get your mother to express affection.  Quite the opposite,-- when Esky is helpful and patient, I pour love out in helicopter-bucketloads.
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