Friday, November 25, 2011

Ivy and the Old Man Sound

  • ...has not attended a single movie at the cinema with her parents (unlike her elder sister, who had slept through at least 10 by this time).  This is partly because her parents are on different islands much of the time, but even more so because Ivy is a very different (read: unpredictable) sleeper when compared to Esky.
  • ...has mismatched eyes, and has had for more than a month.  Perhaps they'll even up, but for now, her left eye has a large, undeniable swirl of brown below the pupil, whilst the right has only a small whiff of the same mixed in through the default, slate blue.
  • ...must be approaching critical mass, lassie is biiiiiihig.
  • perfecting a commando crawl, which she started just before she was 6 months old (on Oct 3, to be precise) -- in spite of her considerable...well, girth.  She has also been pulling herself up onto her wobbly hind haunches today.
  • ...has already had at least three viruses.  The green power puke was my least fave.  She seemed unfussed.
  • smiley.
  • ...has had many outdoor naps.  I can remember Esky only having one, and it was in her carseat.  Ivy's slept out on a blanket in the shade a lot, due to her sister's love for being outside.
  • still all gums (another mostly irrelevant aside: Esky had two peek out at 4 months, and quickly got the rest!)
  • two hours of play out of an empty wet wipe packet.
  • ...still makes the "Ooooo" sound, ut it's very breath-ey, we refer to it as the, "old man sound."
  • crahazy about cats.  She makes the old man sound especially for cats.  The accompanying arm waving and bouncing is less like an old man, however.
  • ...didn't like Avy, the first time;
The end.
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