Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A morning through Esky's eyes

We were recently given a small camera, primarily for Esky's use.

Last Tuesday, I replaced its batteries, showed Esky at high speed which buttons to push to operate it, then went about my morning.  There was four mornings worth of stuff to do in that morning.

Given the scanty tutorial I'd given, I thought it highly unlikely Esky was filming much of anything.  In fact, I remember chuckling to myself as I watched her "filming" around the house, comparing, in my mind, her enjoyment of this new electronic toy to her delight whilst sitting in stationery coin-operated vehicles in malls, sans coins.  The LCD display was operating irrespective of whether it was recording or not, and she was thrilled.  As was I -- busy morning, remember?  The full tutorial could wait, she was happy, without even filling the memory card.

...or so I thought.

I've removed one portion (the part where she filmed the process of me getting out of the pyjamas and into day clothes), but otherwise it is a morning through Esky's eyes -- a video I would have by no other circumstance, in that because I was unaware she was actually recording, it captures a slice of life I would never permitted being filmed. (Yeah, I'm not into being immortalised tracing out project outlines in my pyjamas with bedhair...nor having my thighs and crotch documented whilst wiping rheum from a reluctant child's eyes).  Another being produced like it is also almost impossible (as now I know she's able to record, and record plenty, all responses and footage is tainted by the knowing).

This is likely to be the only candid offering I will ever have.

Good luck understanding our accents, other-hemisphere-ers.  /wink  And good luck not barfing -- she lacks a steady hand.

  • ...I'm Skyping my sister during the first part of the vid -- it just sounds like there are two of me.
  • ...those foam mattresses are Esky's indoor playground.  She asks me to get them out almost every day to "build slides."  I do not say "yes" every day, but I did Tuesday (these were Project: Occupy, Epiphany #1, before I remembered The Camera.../angels' chorus).
  • ...she loves her elephants, ya?
  • ...Ivy calls out every time Esky leaves her sight...this encourages the running back and forth. 
  • ...that's a new carseat.  Ivy's officially out of the capsule (/whimper), and installing the new seat for Esky -- anchor bolt 'n' all -- was on the busy morning agenda (Ivy's moved into Esky's old one).
  • ...Esky freezes before the steps up to where our car is parked when she feels a certain urge...thus the hasty return indoors.  
  • ...I keep the nappy bag open in the car for easy retrievel of contents -- which you can see includes toilet paper and wipes, foremost.  
  • ...I am glad I was wrong about Esky's savviness.  When I turn a camera on her, she rarely speaks this much, so I'm glad for it.  I'll never be glad about the bedhair.
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