Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Primary Presentation and "How my life got all rearrang-ed"

So, this has been on the horizon for some time;
...enough time for me to design and order these invitations on postcards via Vistacrack slow post, is how long. 

And I'm inviting you now.  You can totally come, if you're in the neighbourhood.

In related news, I have spent almost every moment Esky has slept, between the hours of 6:00pm and 12:00am (sometimes later, and sometimes in the day) on the phone for the past week and a half.


Explanation for the non-Mormons / those short on time / disinterested in churchy details:
The nature and scope of my churchy responsibilities changed overnight..and before a fairly significant event I'm responsible for.  It's tricky.  Really tricky.  I'm rollin' with it.

Explanation for the Mormon readers / Ambitious / Die-hard fans:
Dunedin had two branches (congregations of people).  Sunday before last, these were dissolved, new boundaries given, and two new branches were formed.  Every single person in the room was released from their current callings, over the pulpit, and thanked for their service.  There were audible gasps, murmurs, and a heavy hum of shock. New branch presidencies were announced, and we were told that the auxiliary presidents would be called throughout the day.   The Primary (children's organisation) I had overseen was now split into two different branches -- with two different meeting times.  And no one was technically serving in Primary, as yet.  All this, two weeks before the Primary Presentation.  I was recalled that day as Primary president (during a combined Primary I was overseeing, at the time -- logistically a "big task" in and of itself) in the Dunedin 2nd Branch, and am now undertaking the task of reorganising a Primary -- consisting of teachers, leaders and children -- many of whom I do not know...at the same time as salvaging a presentation and its accompanying rehearsal and preparation.  I can't communicate clearly how time-consuming and arduous this is...nor how necessary and right the changes that made this so difficult are.  It's necessary labour, but it sure is labour.

Yes, Haki is away.

The end.
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