Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eight Christmassy Things at 8:00

I'm pleased to announce: despite having gone dark for days, that the spider has not erected its family flag on our roof and invited all of its spider friends over to feast upon me and my kin.  We've just been busy.  I never did find it, though.

Christmassy Things:
  1. This year, Esky's comprehension of the Christmas season is splendiferous (you betcha we've been readin' some Fancy Nancy); she fondly recounts to anyone who will listen how she topped the tree with the star, how George the elephant is now "Baby Jesus," and that, "It's not Christmas day yet, it's the Christmas season...I love Christmas!"  I share her sentiments completely -- not on the Saviour of the world sporting a trunk, so much, but BOY do I love Christmas.
  2. I would like to know how to play "My Nipply." Oh wait, that's not the game all the reindeer left Rudolph out of?  Aaaaw, what a shame, it sounds like a heck-of-a-lot more fun.
  3. I want an Elf on the Shelf Elf.  /pine  Too cute.
  4. Here's a free printable nativity we made today:
  5. Have you seen this new short film on The Nativity?  Guessin' probably not, if you're in the non-believing camp -- Hi, Campers!  I didn't lose you at "Baby Jesus"? (1)  /tongue poke.  Back to the short -- it gives me chills (watch it)...
  6. spite of the three wise men.  I've alluded to my feelings on this matter before, I believe.  At least the magi are visiting Him as a child.  I guess there's no indication there were more, either, so depicting three might be considered a matter of symbolism...but I still like to imagine a caravan of them...carrying chests of the gifts named.  /sigh.  Did I mention, I love Christmas?
  7. Sometime in the past 3 months, a new tradition was born -- that of the finger puppet bedtime fable; a pair or more from the collection perform on the bedrail in place of a bedtime story book.  This month, showing on Esky's bedrail: My Pocket Nativity -- the Christmas story in miniature.  While I am enjoying playing the entire cast (ahem), I am enjoying singing her to sleep with carols even more.
  8. My best friend, teddy bear, lover and co-parent man is returning in a few nights...for good.  You read right: for    good.  I see you now, Despicable-Me-esque would-be-assailant -- scrunching up your well-made plans and tossing them in the waste basket and burying your giant face in your unusually-small hands -- muahaha...I should say, "best friend, teddy bear, lover, co-parent and PROTECTOR EXTRAORDINAIRRE."  Muaha.../coughing on my humour.  Back to the rub -- husband = returning.  I cannot settle upon which cliché or poor taste pun to bandy about in honour of this momentous occasion -- the granting of Christmas wishes, the early arrival of Christmas, the opening of presents early -- ah -- it is too much, /feigning fatigue with back of palm to brow. 
You can see the toes of some stockings behind Ivy, is why that photo is wholly and completely relevant. x
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