Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Legs Jump?

You know those, "What would Jesus do?" (WWJD?) bracelets (and/or other similar merchandise)? Well, we Mormon folk have something similar -- the CTR ring -- which stands for, "Choose the Right." The children's ring looks like this:
CTR rings are given to each child who joins the CTR class (the Sunday School class for those aged 4-7 years).  It's also customary for 98% of the children to lose their rings within 48 hours of receiving them.

Being Primary President, I order rings every year for the new and upcoming CTR kiddilicks (in our branch, that would be six or so children)...and some extra rings, because I take pity on the children who desperately want to wear the green shield for another 2-day stint (plus the first lesson of the year in each manual says to distribute them, which suggests to all ages, to me).

Anyhooooow...2012 is different, because the annual theme for the entire Primary (the children's organisation made up of all of the classes, not just the CTR children),  is "Choose the Right."  So I ordered 30 rings -- enough for all of the children in my branch, CTR-age and above, to be given a new ring.

And then I waited.

I began to worry that I should have ordered earlier, considering the volume I was requesting...and that I may not have been the only Primary President to have such an idea.

I waited.
Not that long, but long enough...

...and to my surprise, my Branch President emailed me today (mid-December for a January plan, /fist pump) with the subject line, "CTR Rings."
I am easily excited, is all I'll say about my reaction upon reading such.

As one might guess from such a subject line, the rings I ordered had indeed arrived. Spanish.
That's 30 "HLJ" rings, here and ready, in plenty of time to distribute to the lovelies in three Sundays hence; "Here, your very own Heaven Loves Jedi ring!"    ...?  /eyebrow raise..../weak smile

What would you tell them it stood for?

NB: The rings are being shipped out and exchanged for CTR rings.  Bummer, I know.
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