Monday, December 5, 2011

I Chose...Poorly

I am in bed.  Lights are out. when the spider suspended from silvery string entered my line of vision, lit up by the laptop screen's light alone, why oh why did I grab the webbing and fling the descending creature a maximum of half a metre?  I.e.  still somewhere in the bed.

Before a jury, I'd plead insanity for the involuntary movements I displayed during the seconds that made up my reaction time. 

At least 15 minutes have passed, and I have been *sure* I have unpleasantly rediscovered the thing at least 30 times -- the last occasion, I was certain it was crawling up my back.  Negative.

I could accept my searching beam from the tipped slowly rotating laptop is insufficient and turn on the lights to set up a perimeter and locate the suspect -- risking waking the innocent babe, sleeping in the sidecar.  Who am I kidding? -- next to the sidecar, in my bed.

I'll be doing my darndest to sleep with my mouth closed.

How's your night going?
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