Monday, December 12, 2011

Three Webcam Shots

I forgot I taught Esky how to run Photobooth on the Mac (which went up North, with Haki) -- and that she could no doubt learn to run the webcam application on the this is why I haven't posted photos of the results of my incredible self-treat at op shops, of late; because this, this is me "showcasing a new-to-me gold blouse and high-waisted skirt:"
I'll get back to you, with my 2.5-year-old photographer and proper boasting.

If you're at all acquainted with my feelings on me and glasses, it may come as a shock that I've clambered aboard the geek-spec wagon.  I know; I'm trying to embrace my fears.  Much inspiration has come from this lady -- who makes it seem like a cinch to be stunning in frames.  I've worn them out once, and not yet in person with Haki...but I'm hopeful they can help me reshape my attitude about glasses, generally.

Can they?  
I would like to believe at least one of you would tell me if these are bad.  Look beyond the Meyer-vamp over exposure... /wink

Finally, when Haki doesn't answer a Skype-call, Esky asks if we can watch ourselves anyway (it seems she likes the li'l image of us in the corner of our call as much as the animated shot of her papa) -- so I bring up the app to film us.  I can't stop kissing her when she watches herself on screen -- she's just so darn cute!  Also, there's a jacket I got in the latest splurge...again, will boast better...soon.
Yes, the shirt underneath the "new" jacket is from the freeeeeeeeeee bag.  /beam.
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