Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weather Chart

Esky loves her no-sew / minimal-work-to-create Weather Chart, inspired by this pin.
The chart is printed onto a small car door magnet from Vistacrack (selected from the "free" templates available, words added), and the weather images are free from here -- laminate, stick on magnet tape...done.

Esky updates it each morning, and throughout the day, as it changes.  She regularly tells me, "I don't like lightning..." with a side glance towards the corresponding magnet, stage left...I think one of these days she's going to hide it.

Yes, I bought $75 of Vistaprint printing from an online daily deal site for $20 and I have relished in spending every cent.  Thank you, to the dear reader, who let me know of this killer opportunity...I am still enjoying the spoils.

Pin real life; use Pinterest to inspire instead of evoke desire.

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