Monday, January 30, 2012

Eight Conclusions at 8:00

I have concluded:
  1. When worming tablets promise, "Liver Flavour -- Palatable to Cats!" they are referring to their test study group of felines -- which consisted of my neighbour's variety of cat, and no variety of cat I have ever owned.
  2. When I feel the fury of 10-hours of effort and pain...after 2 minutes of all of the blood draining out of my arm when I am attempting to pluck white hairs from my side-part, Heavenly Father is laughing.
  3. Really talented writers don't need italics for emphasis.
  4. The one centimetre gap between my MIL's fancy wooden toilet seat  and her toilet bowl exists to torment me.  Design and 'water'tightness = faulty and zilch.  Ahem.
  5. It's comments like that one that see any male friends I have managed to lure over into testing SK's waters quickly retreating to caves of safety.
  6. I'm okay with that.
  7. Were a xylophone not a xylophone, its sales would scarcely be a quarter of what they have been, throughout history.  Pictorial alphabet boardbooks are practically a junior toy catalogue, and an instrument/toy with an X-name sure gets a lot of advertising.
  8. I am improving in the lullaby department;
..yes'm, that's two of three, down and out for the count.
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