Monday, January 23, 2012

Eight Pins at 8:00

Pinned it.
Did it.
  1. A Tap Add-on for Toddlers -- I cut up a wool wash bottle and stuck it over the tap to imitate this (much tidier) one I saw.  Esky can now independently do everything but wipe the whatsit, during her toilet stops.
  2. Better linen cupboard organisation -- with folded fitted sheets that don't look like balls of failure, and sheet sets in sets, inside their pillowcases;
  3. A little installation for wrapping paper storage -- this somehow made a bad day a good day, during mid-fatigma onset last month.  It's genius. 
  4. Toilet Rolls for Cord Organisation -- yes, please.
  5. Pretzel Turtles.  No skill required.  Rather more-ish...but expensive to make (here, at least).
  6. Soft Sugar Cookies.  That they are.  Not a big hit with Haki, but Esky's mad about them.  We're decorating them in the morning!
  7. Can-drums.  They turned out so-so.  In this case, bigger would be better.
  8. Rubbish-free lunches -- it's all Esky eats when we're packin' for the road.
Pinning real life.

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