Saturday, January 21, 2012

Esky, the Great Pretender

2 and 2/3rds

  • When I saw Esky's cheeks fill with air as she lifted the hole of each grape to her lips before eating it, I had to enquire after what she was doing.  She explained matter-of-factly, "I'm blowing them up like balloons," and /chomp, another went into her mouth. Obviously.
  • What a memory she's got!
  • Whenever Esky sees me sitting up on a chair or couch with my legs out straight in front of me, she begins hopping on the spot beside me asking, "Please, please may I go down the slide?"  Occasionally she asks when my sitting position doesn't even suggest a slide, she just has a leg-slide hankering.  I usually concede.  Then, one day Esky asked Papa, "Please, may I go down the slide?"  He extended his legs and offered his hands to aid her climbing up to slide down.  Up she went, about-face, and then...she screwed up her face and said, "I want a slide that's not hairy."  Ba-bow.
  • Esky and I were playing with Duplo in her room, not long before our trip.  In the single set she had at the time, there were two pieces she could easily treat as "friends" -- a little man and a dog.  I would often find one, the other, or both, up on the shelf away from the rest of the Duplo, or sitting amongst other, larger stuffed toys.  Esky and I had just finished building stairs, a slide, a bench, and various other things, and then she held up the little man and the dog, tipped her head sideways and asked, "Which one do you like?"  It was time for play on the playground we'd created.  "The dog, please,"  I replied.  Esky's eyebrows came up and together in the middle, and she bobbed her head as she answered, "The little man is really good," (with a rising inflection).  Apparently the dog wasn't actually on offer. 
  • I would say Esky spends at least 80% of her day engaged in pretend play; building invisible sandcastles, driving to the temple, taking a doll to see the doctor, dropping off "cookies" she's rolled out from bread, animating her toys with voices, and so much morrrre.
  • She continues to project onto her "friends;" "George didn't want to stay in bed last night, and so he got out of bed over and over, and I told him he needed to stay in bed and get a good rest, and finally he went to sleep," or "Lily was so good last night, she made good choices and I'm so impressed."  Oh, how eerily familiar that sounds, my girl.  Well, George's tale, that is...when will you be Lily at bedtime, exactly?  /sigh  
  • Yes, Esky discovered she could get out of her bed...among many other things she's trying out at two and two-thirds.
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