Friday, January 20, 2012

A fortnight's trippin' in the North: Te Marae

Final stop: Maketu -- where Haki's sister exchanged vows with her darling.

That was, after Esky and Ivy's first powhiri;
...and building some sandcastles in the sun.  Sun.
(Me, Ivy and Esky)
Thanks, Maketu, for some of that.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate on the day, but gahoodness, contingency plans can be beautiful!

Esky was very determined not to play flower girl during the rehearsal on the hilltop with a view (Plan A).  But she did the walk and threw her petals in the marquee!  Huzzah!

Even if she was a tad nervous...

She perked up once we beckoned her away from the line-up, inviting her return to her familiar faces and places;
(The Handsome Ride)
It was then, with furrowed brow, she asked me where her lollies had gone -- the "good job" lollies placed at the bottom of her basket of petals for her to nibble on during the ceremony proper.  Aw, Esky...the lass had been so intent on making it down the aisle of eyes and doing *her job* of throwin' those petals that she'd thrown the lollies along with 'em. 

Now, before you think Esky was the girl that got all the attention...
As pretty as she was, there wasn't a nanny or aunty around that could stop talking about nibbling on these pillows:
The traditional waiata, entertaining bridal party dance, and childhood stories = tops.  

Favourite Marae Moment, overall = seeing Uncle Ray plus one, sitting on chairs with large plastic tubs perched on the seats in front of them, elbow-deep in bread, smiling and laughing as they tore enough pieces for 380 servings of hāngi stuffing.  I wish I'd captured that image in more than words.
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