Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A fortnight's trippin' in the North: Toilets

Thanks to this beast stomping on me, Haki and Esky, we also saw plenty of the inside of North Island bathrooms.  So much, so often, in fact, that Esky became very unwell...which led to the aforementioned visit to Waikato hospital...

...where we established serious quality disparity between Hamilton and Dunedin's hospitals -- in favour of the former.  Not only did everything seem cleaner, more modern, and more organised up North...

...the Hamilton paed's emergency department featured murals that were 98% more appropriate for children than Dunedin's;

I give Dunedin's murals two percent appropropriateness -- for use of colour -- I'd award more, but so much is undone by the nature of that art...I mean, what are those creatures?

We've all beaten the monster since, and our digestive systems are working nicely, thanks.
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