Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A fortnight's trippin' in the North: Transit

What better for fatigma (catchy, riiight?) than travelling with preschoolers for weeks made up of late nights and nigh on zero routines?  Add to that the worst bout of food poisoning our family's ever endured, hours in airports, camping out on the floor in three different locations, and ants.  Ants every time you turn your back.  And yet...

...I loved it.  We all did.

Even as I type and recall the things we could have done without, I'm smiling...they've fast become the labour pains of the trip -- greatly diminished once the experience is viewed in retrospect -- all my memory is playing back now is goooood.

Getting there...
Esky claimed the window seat on the plane.
Living very close to a (mock)airport (and thus having much to hear and see overhead) and having had a papa whom we delivered or collected from said airport at least 40 times in the past couple of years, Esky's plane trip was momentous.  She'd flown before as a little'un...but boy oh boy did toddlerytwosie get giddy to be aboard an aircraft with Papa.

We spent a few hours in the airport...with our trolleys of luggage and kidmeat. 
Airports (and queues and supermarkets) are like Jupiter -- kids are heavier there.
Buuuut Esky is still content to sit in stationery coin-operated rides...and Ivy and she are patient in waiting their turn atop the Papa-tower.
And we were together.
My darling sister went out of her way to pick us up and take us to the vehicle we'd be using on tour.  The three kiddy carseats in the back seat of her station wagon have to be crammed pretty close together to all fit.  
This has its pro's;
They're both asleep.  Apparently being carried around on Jupiter takes it out of the kidmeat too.

I know, all you can see is Ivy's "neck."

Feel free to scroll up to the second shot now and remind yourself the flesh falls in more ways than one.

All in all, these two are joys to travel with. 
Heavy joys.
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