Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ivy Crawls Fast

 Ivy, at 9.5 months...
  • ...still has mismatched eyes.
  • ...is now conventional crawling, at speed. (First she commando-crawled from 6 months, then started almost crawling, with her right leg spidering -- a mash-up of her twist-to-sit move plus crawling -- knee foot knee foot.) 
  • ...prefers standing to any other position; if you put her down on the ground, intending to seat her, she keeps her legs tightly locked straight and will not bend them, "I will stand." 
  • ...has started waving.  She waved first to Poppy (her great grandfather) at my birthday dinner (the Sunday followed the 12th). 
  • ...leans in and imitates kissing, with sounds, for Haki (not me!) -- including a long wind-up "Mmmmmmmm-" on the "Mwa!"
  • ...is uncontrollably excited when Esky wakes up -- crawling to her bedside, rocking on the spot and/or saying, "Ooh!  Ooh!  Ooh!"  (If Esky is the one waiting for Ivy to wake, she waits, and whispers, "Is she awake yet?" over and over)
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