Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project: Personalise

Every other year, I've taken my time choosing my new diary; lifting and smelling flicking pages, running fingers over covers embossed or padded, assessing page layouts and the aesthetics of cover designs...

...this New Year, I was too tired, and too broke.

So I picked up a stock-standard diary I passed in a postshop queue, on sale at a two-for-one price (one for Haki, one for me), and praised myself for letting go of the need to make such an event of this practical item's purchase.  Before I'd even reached the car, I had committed to personalise the plain thing I'd just picked up -- as soon as things slowed down and I sped up.  I felt better about culling my annual tradition.

The latest bout of fatigue passed.

I toyed with the idea of covering it with fabric, scrapbook paper, or a collage of things.  I weighed up photos, prints, drawings and online designs.  In the end, I took a very simple route, and I'm thrilled with it.

I glued on an old gift card;
(A Japanese fan card from The Dunedin Art Gallery.)
With Mod Podge, that is.  Mod Podge -- my friend.

I'm so happy with having a diary unique to me, on the cheap, with a few minutes effort, that I think I'll be skipping the shop-around I usually savour.

Too easy, right?  I know.  Easy tasks are good tasks for tired people.
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