Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is so last month

Like the header image.  And our still-up tree.


Yeah, we do Christmas. We love Christmas.  

And this year, in particular, we loved:
  • candy necklaces;
  • Gingernuts as baby-stocking stuffers;
  • tin spinning tops; and
  • watching Esky's eager pursuit of the end prize in a pictorial treasure hunt Haki and I laid together.
 The end prize:

And like Esky, you had to wait two weeks to get a good look at it -- we returned this morning after a fortnight trippin' in the North Island -- the bike and Lily were foremost in her thoughts during the final hours of the come-home journey (she chose George to travel with us -- thankfully Lily was happy to be assigned as Chief of Home Defence.  Well, that's not entirely true, we had an actual human do that job, fyi creepos conjured by my semi-indulged paranoia).

No, not acid trippin'.

Delectable details to follow.
You will not be disappointed.
I can tell you now, there will be plenty of alliteration,
And Esky made her second trip to a hospital Emergency Department while we were away...and that's just the tip of the 'berg.  Tremend.

Soon, my sweets -- we left Maketu at 2am this morning bound for home.
My eyeballs hate me for typing this, but Ivy loves the cream more than I love to dream.

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