Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture Book Round-up: Fancy Nancy and Can You See What I See?

Can You See What I See?  Walter Wick
Esky's love for the I Spy books grew and grew, along with her searching skills.  Then we discovered the Can You See What I See? series.  Oh boy.  While the I Spy books' photography is impressive, I'm captivated by the scenes depicted in Can You See What I See?  The clever reincorporation of items, storytelling, and cute hat-tips in these books are irresistable to our family.  Irresistable -- Haki can be on his way out the door, get drawn in by some plea from Esky, "Do you want to help us find a second map, Papa?" no time he's wedged in on the couch, pouring over the page...and the list on the next page.  Of those we've completed, the Treasure Ship book has been my favourite -- incredible photographic-cleverness!
Fancy Nancy, Jane O'Connor
We've loaned five Fancy Nancy titles so far, but of all of these, Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas is still my favourite.  Esky *adored* this one too (we had it out for all of December).  If you haven't read yourself some Nancy, it's synonym-teaching couched in cuteness...with illustrations you want to squeeze and squish. 
The Great Big Friend Hunt, Hannah Ray
Esky's affection for this particular title has taken me by didn't stand out amongst the stack we took home from our latest library visit, but it's clearly a current favourite.  She's so fond of it, she improvised a song drawn from the words in the story; "A friend cheers you up when you are down."  She strums an imaginary guitar (usually her glitter stick) as she sings this, and sways from side to side.

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