Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't mind if I do

When I planned our latest family trip to the North Island, I thought our Auckland stop-over would be a great chance to catch up with some AK humans.  The people smorgasboard consisted of some treasured University pals (including an old flatmate), along with an unmet friend; a friend I'd communicated with via almost every conventional method except for talking face to face.  And telegram.

We were thwarted, (oh, how we were thwarted), and the Boxing Day Auckland rendezvous was not to be.

Now, Jetstar had given me a pittance of airline credit to apologise for being the worst airline ever.  Enough we're-sorry-we-suck-credit to fly a single person somewhere...and somewhere soon.  Oh, and they only fly to one destination from my city -- Auckland.  And thus, the "Make-up Trip" was born, a do-over, if you will.

The smorgasboard was notified, and the unmet friend responded most promptly and generously, and thereby won the grand prize of having me and Ivy, all to herself, for all of...less than a day. 

Some of you might have heard of the unmet friend.  Her name is Sarah. (Yes, that one!) And she offered to pick us up, have us stay, and drop us back off again...early in the morning, even.  With a leeeettle baby in the equation, even.  Add to that a dubious husband, exhuastion, and that I'd be bringing a teething (yes, she got one!) babe into a home wherein night-waking was already a sport.  Wow.

We gratefully accepted her superb and brave invitation...

...and Ivy made herself at home;

(Ivy, at Sarah's)
More I want to say about this:
  • I was genuinely excited to meet Sarah and offspring, and sincerely thrilled that I did.
  • Ivy slept for both flights, like the baby you've never forgotten on such-and-such flight didn't.  
  • I've proven to myself that some people I meet online are exactly what they seem -- talented, good, and real.  
  • Sarah pinched me at the airport, to check I was the latter. 
  • At one point she observed the beauty and glory of Ivy's handmade baprons (bib-aprons), before I boasted of their beauty and glory -- and how grateful I was to receive them as gifts from a dear friend.  She commented that she'd wondered if I'd made them, before she remembered...I don't do that.  It was nice to have her already know such things.  I mean, baprons aren't made with glue, are they?
  • She does that.  With everything.  She makes...all the things.  
  • I wish I could see her more often. 
  • I missed Esky unbelievably -- longest time apart, to date.  But I treasured one-on-one time with Ivy.  She hummed a little theme song for the trip.  Mmmm, I want to gooble her cheeks right now.  Even though she's sweating a lot. 
Opportunity well-spent.
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