Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eight Pieces of Silver Lining at 8:00

  1. Last night, when I was making Midnight Spaghetti, one-handed (an anti-gravity Ivy at my hip), I shook crushed garlic in from the jar instead of spooning it in.  Big mistake, oh dear.  The price of my one-handed cookery?  No adults in our household ate the Garlic Spaghetti.  Esky tested it and said, "Hmmm, I think it's good," and kept eating...only to add a giggled, "Delectable!" (Thank you, Fancy Nancy...but Esky, it was not -- you were just very hungry.)  And hey -- Ivy likes it!  The meal has since been food processorrrrrred and frozen in baby buddha portions for her to eat for lunch/dinner for a week.
  2. The day before, I modified our family's go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe to be sans chocolate chips, replacing 'em with grated apple and chocolate raisins.  Haki made an, "Eck, yeck," face when he sampled the variation.  Aw.  Buuuuut...more. for. me.
  3. This month "we" have used up all of our bandwidth.  And the Saturday night movie was The Ex. No book in the household was calling to exhausted-me. Thankfully, Ivy was happy to clamber in and flop out of the ottoman 67 times for the evening's entertainment.
  4. I left the paddling pool inflated for so long (in the hope of another fine day) that it got a slimey coat on the base that I now have to scrub out.  Esky thinks I am a magician for making the watery remnants change colour.
  5. I put on my uglies to muck-in for a little gardening yesterday morn'.  I forgot to change out of the stained and unflattering clothes...all day.  This meant one less pair of clothes I put on...and needed to wash.  Eh?  /nudge  Eh?  /nudge
  6. Whenever I accidentally tear a Contact Lens, it's always one of the lenses for my left eye.  "Curses!"  I cry, "Why can't it be one for my right eye this time?!  Then my supply would even up, or come closer to evening up."  Hey -- I checked after the latest tear, and I've torn an entire BOX of left eye lenses more than I have I only have to order a box for my left eye next order.  Oh yeah!
  7. Esky caught a common cold this week.  Her sniffle turned into an asthma the wee hours of this morning...but huzzah that we can now attend to the situation without a trip to A&E!
  8. Stealing a sharp breath every two or three words of chatter, the Eskinator stayed home from church today.   I still went.  Don't worry, you don't have to call anybody, Haki stayed home too. When I was singing tonight's lullaby at her bedside, Esky stopped me, "Mama?"  [Yes, Esky?] (Now you'll have to imagine the laboured breathing, because putting breaks in makes this too dumb to read;)"What is that on your skirt?" [It's a pattern, of flowers.  I really like this skirt.]  "I really like it too."  [Great.]  "Where did you get it?" [An op shop.]  Silence.  "Mama?"  [Yes, Esky?]  I don't want you to go any more places."  [What do you mean?]  "You went to church, you went to the op shop, and you went away on a plane.  I think that's enough places."  
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