Monday, February 27, 2012

Eight Preferences at 8:00

  1. So, have you seen or heard about the rudeypoo Pinterest clone?  Rudeypoo, right?  I mean, even if I wasn't a pinner, I'd think so.  While I respect it's a "legitimate" and very real source of revenue -- creating copycats, generating a following, and selling your copycat to the creators of the original -- I think I'd be ashamed to say that was my job.  Would you?  "Pinterest" just sounds better too.
  2. When I visit a public restroom, I always go to the furthest stall from the door I came through (I still give the distant loo a quick look-over for tidyness -- doesn't everybody?). my reckoning, it is the least used of the bunch, since the lazies have all opted for the first/closest available stall.  I hope that less butts on the seat equates to cleaner, in terms of the things I cannot see -- built up between scheduled cleans. 
  3. I like my new blog look so much more than my old one.  It was time for change.  It's still a work in progress, but I'm happier when I see it.  (What, you haven't seen it yet?  Go on..)
  4. I would rather eat a couscous salad over a rice salad, pretty much always.
  5. Haki has stopped asking me how I want my eggs...because I always say "scrambled."  He eats his eggs in all manner of ways, depending on his mood; me -- fluffy* eggs is always preferred.  And yes, my husband asks me this question because he often offers to make us all eggs. *If by "scrambled" you mean watery dross, then no, that's not what I mean.
  6. I only buy free range eggs.  This was not always so.  Florence and Nicole, you are my catalysts.  I still find this incredibly hard on our budget, given how many eggs our family consumes, but principles aren't always cheap. Also, I can't "Save all. the. things"...but I can buy free range eggs.  "Ouch," whimpers my wallet.
  7. I still prefer a PC to a Mac, and I've dabbled in the Apple.
  8. Are Eve apples not the most perfect apples you've ever tasted?  Were apple-growers everywhere crying when they tasted the new variety and looked over their orchards of poor cousins that would no doubt drop in sales?  Seriously -- do you buy Eve? 
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