Monday, February 13, 2012

The pictures I didn't post - PART 1

I don't know about you folks, but almost every photo I post anywhere represents about 10-40 similar photos taken (okay, 10-100)The balance of the click-fest is either archived in ordered splendour (despite failing to make the grade as "the" shot) orrrrrr hastily deleted out of mercy...or shame.

Well, that was until I decided some were too good to hide in the recesses of my hard drive anymore.

In the spirit of teen lit., I bring you:
"The pictures I didn't post," A TRILOGY;

Part 1:
I promise, I'm laughing.
Not so bad?  This was taken at someone's wedding.  Soz about that.  Yes, I knew the smartie pants photographer -- I don't wear this, "Oh please, stop taking pictures of me," face all the time.
Titled: "And then she ate me."
Frankentoddler's blurry hand just rubbed her eye.  Oh boy.
I'm a sucker for a good blink-shot.
Title: Orifices...and Misc. Stuff Dumped on the Couch.
Haki: You don't know how to use the self-timer.  Me: I do so.
Me: Smile!  Esky = notsomuch
Top left-hand corner = the people we're Skyping.  The call was bad, and so our feed kept freezing up on their screen.  This was one of the images they got to stare at for a good chunk of the conversation.  Title: Orifices II.
Yeah, she's not laughing.  Esky's pooing-face.  It's changed a little since.  If you're reading this in 2032 and you're courting my daughter, I'm sure she doesn't do this anymore, and if she does, I'm pretty sure you don't have to watch.

What about yooou?  
Do you keep the "bad" photos?
Wanna share?  Or are all those bokeh beauties your first snap of the subject? (HA!) 
If you share or have shared some of your static bloopers, feel free to paste in a link to the relevant post below -- I will visit and I will laugh.

Unless they're not really bloopers, and you're one of those people that says, "Oh, yeah, these really aren't very good," and you've taken them on an SLR so big it is like the Hummer of cameras, and your static blooper is getting someone's toe out of frame -- and re-heally you want me to go, "Wow, you're so talented!"  Then I probably won't laugh.  I'll probably think, "Gimme your camera."
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