Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The pictures I didn't post - PART 2

If you haven't read Part 1, you should. 

Part 2:
Crazy eyes.  Ew.
Photobooth fail.
Self-taken shot accentuates my er..."talents?"
Rusk is gooooooood.
Talking with long blinks for effect is asking for blink-shots.
Can you have too many?
In the interests of fairness, the other prospective-suitor-years-from-now, wearing her pooing-face.  No, I don't run and get the camera when pushing is evident, I just often already have the camera when pushing becomes evident.  It's not my fault.
Taken by one of my students, these two boys were in on it, and are "acting natural" while the third party snaps a shot of my "doing nothing" hand, floating around like a dead fish.  I am sure I don't do this that often.  Surely not. 
Strikes against this photo include: forehead wrinklage, glasses wearage, homeclothes, and Ivy's disgust with webcam sesh.

More tomorrow morning...(singing this)
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