Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The pictures I didn't post - PART 3

You're meant to read Part 1 and 2 first.

Part 3:
Am I pregnant?  Just fat?  Very unexcited about my mother taking pictures on the sweltering hot day?  Yes -- 5 months, no, and indeed.
Bad angle.  For me, clearly -- baby has no bad angles.
Strikes against this goin' up, at the time: Glasses and homeclothes.  But now I'm rather fond of this photo.  (You know I hate my glasses, right?)
Oh boy -- this was taken after a long day of toilet training.  Not only am I a haggered mess in glasses, but Haki and I both have our paint paints on, and my home-only tops, and a laptop sits front and centre while we all watch the box and breathe deep to recover from cleaning up so. much. pee.  Yup, not the most idyllic family shot we've captured...Dad.
Blink-shot with tongue out makes it look like this seat is a seat for doin' business.  Because sometimes toilet humour is funny.  Lots of times.
Esky is weilding the camera saying, "I want to take a picture of you."  There's more to me
Bird's Eye View blink-shot = tops. Hand out as though she's gesturing while delivering a serious sermon = supertops.  And she's playing WITH tops.  Too far, I know.
Another "good photo of no one" family shot, complete with lots of my arm, unflatteringness of The Handsome, and a sidetracked bebe.
When I kiss and muzzle, my nose's knack for curling down to meet my chin at the slightest provocation is very apparent.  Witchy.  Also, we are vamps.
Driving under the influence of "cool."

Remember, you're invited.  Got some pearler blink-shots, anyone?
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