Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Photos and Bree Tanner

So, the trilogy of posts featuring "the photos I didn't post" is over.

It must be time to pull a character from the series and do a short follow-up on her alone to get some more milage out of this franchise.

First of all, some back-story;

Conversation 1:
Me: Look at this girl's profile photo. That's a good profile photo.  How do people get profile photos like that?  I need a new profile photo.
Haki: Huh?
Me: I need a new profile photo.
Haki: Well, you need to stop hiding behind the girls in your profile photos.
Me: What?
Haki: You hide behind them.
Me: They're pretty cute.  And they are "me," and what I do.
Haki: Yeah, but it's not a picture of you, is it?
Me: Fine.  I'll change it.
Haki: Great.

/end conversation

As you may have gathered, the character of choice for the installment after the promised three me.  And when I say, "Profile Photo," I mean the "About Me" shot you post on your blog so people can stalk you properly.

Please note: Haki has expressed numerous times that it should only take one photo, two -- max -- to get "the" shot I need of myself, since I "always look beautiful."  Aw, how sweet.

You might remember Exhibit A of Beauty from the trilogy?

I rest my case.

A week passes.  A photoshoot with a child and a shirt I'd slept in took place.

Conversation 2:
Me: So, can I use any of these?
Haki: Not that one.
Me: [Click] This one?
Haki: No!
Me: [Click] This is the one I like my hair in.
Haki: So, you're not smiling properly, and you're not looking at the camera.
Me: [Click] I'm looking at the camera in this one.
Haki: Yeah, but it's not you.  [Click, click, click] That one; beautiful.
Me: Hmmm.  I don't like that one at all.
Haki: Well, you asked me what I thought.
Me: What about...this one? [Click.  I attempt to conceal my laughter at my "funny face" photo joke.]
Haki: You would never post that on your blog.
Me: Yes I would.
Haki: No you wouldn't.
Me: Watch me.
Haki: Honey, quit kidding yourself.
Me: I'm not kidding.
Haki: Yes you are.

No, I'm not.
Hon', you owe me all the things.

Easiest "all the things" win...ever.
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