Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Five Anomolies at 5:00

  1. Lately, I have been removing approximately 10 times more bugs from the house than usual. /head scratch.  (I am also 10 times more super of a hero to my kin. /eyebrow pump)
  2. I stayed up later than Haki last night.  This is so rare an occurence I cannot remember the last time it happened.  (I was watching the new Jane Eyre before it had to be returned to the DVD store.  Worth it.)
  3. I am excellent at hiding.  Excellent, I tell you.  Esky is prone to giving up and calling out my name in desperation (sometimes panic), because I am so good.  But last time our entire family played, Haki gave up and declared I must be outside.  Wrong.  (I'd tell you where I was hiding, but clearly that's one of my best spots and I'm not giving it up so easily -- for future games and imagined intruder / post-apocalyptic scenarios.)
  4. I like the baked cookie more than the uncooked dough with this recipe.  No joke.
  5. The other night, Haki and I heard crying through our baby monitor.  Haki looked to me to see to Esky (it was clear it wasn't Ivy -- who was in the room with us...not crying).  I answered his gaze, "That's not Esky."  The crying continued.  Haki: "Yes, hear it?"  Me: "I hear the crying, I'm just telling you, that's not Esky."  I went and checked, and sure enough, our lass was sleeping and still.  The crying continued.  Yeah, sure, these things only have so many channels -- so we picked up someone else's monitor and baby -- no biggy, right?  I mean, someone else's baby that does not belong to any of our baby-less neighbours; our rural neighbours that all live well out of the monitor's usual range anyway.  It's been a while since, and we have not picked up anymore Babyjane Does.  I can tell you I have been very careful about what sounds our monitor is left to pick up in case some other night's atmospheric conditions should carry our home's very-late-at-night noises to some distant listener's ears.  Ahem.  /awkward-crickets.
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