Monday, March 19, 2012

Five Plus Sides at 5:00

Plus sides:
  1. Our washing machine circuitry is fried. I.e. I am hauling piles and piles of laundry elsewhere.  The timing is never really "good" for such a thing, but oh boy, the timing was bad.  However,  I have learned a great deal about taking apart washing machines  and I managed to pick up a 6-month-old second-hand washer (still under warranty) for less than the quote I received to repair our clunker. 
  2. I'm sick but we did beat the last common cold quickly and my fatigma has been gone for months (there's a chance switching to iodised salt was all my thyroid embarrassing).
  3. Haki is travelling for work again but in stretches of three days or so away; four days back home -- not actually living elsewhere and visiting us every month or so.  Also...this makes the morning family bed roomier.  I said it.
  4. Haki is partially deaf (something like 40% hearing loss in one, 60-70% in the other -- at the last assessment a long time ago).  It's a bummer in more ways than I can list (there are a lot of acoustic nuances he just misses out on completely).  But I need only serve tortilla chips should I wish to plan a surprise for him, I can then speak freely with him present at the same table; the man cannot hear a. thing. while chewing something so crunchy. 
  5. Being sick and having a broken washing machine are really good explanations for being in my pyjamas all day some days.
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