Friday, March 9, 2012

Ivy Climbs

  • ...had her first tooth appear through the gum just before 10 months of age, the second followed two weeks later.  That's the two bottom-ies, check. (Esky's first cut at 4 months.)
  • ...started signing "more" just before 10 months too, and then stopped.  She definitely understands it, and rocks with enthusiasm when we sign and say it, but hasn't signed it herself for a while. I hope she brings it back...before she starves.  Kidding.
  • free-standing, and as of last night, taking a few steps.  The standing is most often motivated by wanting to join Esky dancing.
  • ...climbs and climbs.  She managed to pull herself up onto Esky's little chairs more than a month ago, and has since set to conquering couches, ottoman, large chairs, beds, chalkboards, shelves.  Yes.  (Doesn't it look like she's sayin', "Yeah, I got up here, all by myself," in that top pic?)
  • currently very much about enclosure.  She makes serious work of empting the Quatro blocks from their container, or the wooden blocks from the she can climb in and clap. 
  • awful fond of gnawing on a pre-devoured corn cob, sucking back yoghurt, semolina for breakfast, frequent crackers, and broccoli. 
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