Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini Movie Reviews: Bulk Hit No 24

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A pleasant surprise, this small budget sci-fi action-thriller sets a great pace and sticks to it. The excellent casting of the three lead actors lends the narrative immediately likeable and invest-worthy characters.  This is my current go-to movie to recommend when people ask for a suggestion of something they might not have seen.
Jack and Jill
Yeah, I saw it.  I know.  It is what it is; blah.  I was in the mood for a comedy, is all I'll say, and Sandler has made me laugh before...but yes, I seem to only like a handful of his movies, and this one didn't make it into that scoop ("Handful?"  Maybe two).  I did laugh a few times.  Johnny Depp's double cameo scene with Al Pacino is amusing.  But yes, I winced more than a slapped my knee.
Super 8
Here's another title that may have fallen outside your radar's sweep, or not stayed in range long enough to come home in your hands, and it really is worth seeing.  A li'l reminiscent of The Goonies, the action surrounds a small group of young teens.  Don't be fooled -- this crop of actors is stronger, more watchable and all-round better than an older set I've seen in the past five years. Dakota Fanning's little sis is among them (Elle, age 12!), and there's one scene she steals that is breathtaking.  Abrams may have gone a little overboard with the ol' lens flare, but aside from that, I can see why he and Spielberg are reported to have enjoyed making this film.  I loved the late-70s setting and originality. This is like the waaaaay better big big brother of Son of Rambow.  Way.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Heart-wrenching and mesmerising all at once.  
Kenneth Branagh?  Really?  Really?  Hmmmm.  I wouldn't say I threw away my time on this, but I'm fairly sure I'll have forgotten the plot in a week or two (we watched it last week).  Light, fun, and a better first half than second.
Three Musketeers
Much the same as Thor, this is a pretty light piece of action movie.  The swordfighting is fun...but this lost money for a reason.
Cowboys and Aliens
Despite finding Olivia Wilde to be oddly misplaced in every scene in which she appeared (arguably fitting, if you've seen it), for me this was a knotch above Thor and The Three Musketeers -- so, an above average action movie.  I don't mind me a bit'o reinvented Western.
Far-fetched but a little fabulous.  A bit of Bruce and "old guys who still fight hard" humour.  It's fun.
Funny but forgettable -- I mean, I've forgotten it.  It could have something to do with the fact that I was snuggling a sweet-smelling, squishy-new Ivy while I watched it.  Wait, that might have everything to do with it.  Did you love it?
Fair Game
Big names, eh?  Pretty good.  It definitely made me think.
X-Men: First Class
So-so, but I'm glad I saw it.

Yes, the mini reviews got shorter. And shorter.

Skippable, in my book:
Fast Five
Battle Los Angeles
SuckerpunchWe rented this movie last year because of clips we saw of this Samurai scene.  Yup, should've just watched that scene on YouTube and skipped the movie.  /shudder -- there is some horrific content in this film.
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