Monday, April 30, 2012

Five Food Things at 5:00

  1. No matter how much I wash quinoa before consumption, we are gassy humans thereafter.  Also, it is really expensive we won't be buyin' that anymore.
  2. Asparagus boiled is unappealing.  Asparagus in sandwich rolls is pretty good.  Asparagus fried in butter until the tips are crunchy is devour-worthy.  
  3. I've already mentioned it once, but I'll say it again, this recipe is killin' me softly with its artery-cloggingness.  I
  4. I've been whipping up honey butter for our toast, of late.  My dad used to make it occasionally, when I was younger.  The memory and desire to produce some came both upon me quite suddenly last week...after some twelve years or more having passed since I had it last.  (I mix equal parts honey and butter with a handheld mixer on high until the mixture is white-ish and fluffy).  Mmm.
  5. I know my mother declares microwaves will kills us all...but if you haven't tried corn on the cob cooked in one of those killing machines, you're missing out.  I cook for five minutes per cob, husk on (four minutes is probably long enough in a newer, higher power microwave), and the corn is brighter, ready-to-eat faster, juicier and all-round better than when it's boiled.

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