Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unusual Humans: Rural Edition II

A second installment is in order.  Here's the first, if you missed it.

Quick catch-up: 
I know a lot of door-to-door salesmen.  My husband is one of them.

Last time, I retold how a friend, Scotty, had accidentally run over two cats...in one evening -- one on the way in, one on the way out.  I had asked him to email me this story in his own words, but since he's the type to flip a computer sideways before he'll rotate a sideways photo on the screen...the email hadn't been forthcoming.  Reading my post, however, flushed him out. 

Amendments to the cat tale:
  • I didn't make clear that Scotty is a big softy, and that having two cats run under his car got him awfully emotional.  It was made worse by the fact that both of the cats were not quite dead when he got out to assess the situation -- he watched both cats die.
  • The owner of the first cat came and inspected the remains (because it was messy), and in Scott's words, "tells [him] on the way to grim scene that his wife just left him for another man and took everything, kids as well, but left him the cat that he loved and reared from a wild farm kitten and tamed."  See, I think Scott's version of the story is more of a story.  
  • There were two cats on the same night, but the one he ran over second belonged to someone else -- so when he had to repeat the process of confessing the accident to Mr Lonely.
  • In both cases, Scott saw shiney eyes in the grass before animals darted out.  The second time, the thought crossed his mind that perhaps it was the first cat's ghost.
  • The second cat's owner was not nearly as affected....in fact, was seemingly cold, in contrast to Mr Lonely. 
And two more sales anecdotes for the kitty:
  • One of the times Scotty crashed his car (sorry Scotty, but there wasn't just the one time, eh?), he was forced to walk to his next appointment of the evening.  Scott, the charmer, got the person to come and pull his car out of where he'd left it stuck, then the guy took him back, fed him, AND bought a photo...as well as reporting he had sent away a previous salesman in a very colourful way.  Charm....er.
  • Another salesman -- really, a kind man -- was in such desperate need of a bathroom on one occasion, that at one place, after no one answered the door, he used their toilet.  They were quite surprised to find him on it.*  He still got a return appointment.

*Being a rural dweller myself, I cannot say I would be as warm and welcoming as any of the clients in these tales.  It makes me feel like somewhat of a hypocrite that I pray Haki will be received well, each night he goes out (or else we don't eat)...and I have a golf iron under my bed and don't open the door after dark.  The toilet tale -- BOY -- if that had been my outside loo...perhaps forgiveable...but inside my HOME...tacks would be spat.  In his defence...I think we have to keep in mind that he was highly accustomed to being invited in, and so it must not have seemed a stretch...and the time. Maybe?
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