Monday, May 14, 2012

Eight Morsels at 8:00

  1. I like this playdough recipe.
  2. My dentist offered me an appointment time to take another shot at getting that itty bitty filling done in my mouth, with me staying conscious and whatnot.  "Shot."  /shudder.  It's on Friday the 13th.  I'm as un-superstitious as they come, but really?  And yes, I use the term "dentist" loosely here, since I go to the dental school for treatment. I know some think that's crazy, but how many people can say their last dental invoice was cheaper than their ambulance bill?  Eh?  EH?  /hanging head.
  3. I twisted my ankle at basketball.  It hurt for days.  It was worth it to play out all of Esky's imaginings in relation to my injury and her fixing it. 
  4. Esky and Ivy often share an apple.  I don't mean that they take turns biting it -- tennis-ing it back and forth.  I mean that Esky eats a good third of it and sits it down, Ivy picks it up and gnaws on it for a while before leaving it somewhere else, then Esky comes upon it and absentmindely resumes eating it.  This continues until only the core remains.  They both know exactly what is happening too, and neither minds.  In fact, I think Ivy appreciates Esky getting the apple started.
  5. Vistacrack can suck away every moment of leisure time you have for an entire day, if you let it. 
  6. Haki informed me I'd eaten an entire cylinder of Pringle-wannabe chips when I thought I was half-way, max.
  7. I want to write an entire post about the woe of losing my wallet / having it stolen.  I won't.  I will, however, probably continue to mope about it for at least another week...but mostly inside.  Scratch that, in another week is when I'll accept it's gone and start exaggo-weeping about the rigmarole of replacing its contents.   Sorry, honey, in advance.  (P.S.  My wallet is not in the car.  Or the dryer.  Or the food cupboards.  Or somehow "made" into any of the beds.  It's not at the police station either.  Nope.  /Mope.)
  8. Speaking of "honey," Haki was curled over with cramps on Mother's Day.  Yes.  But I heard an excerpt from this talk again on said day and I was warmed to the core.  I also reminded myself of the Mother's Days I spent longing for motherhood...and thought of all those out there who find the day hard for one reason or another.  So there was no breakfast in bed for me this year -- talk about first world problems!  In the ways that matter, I'm spoiled beyond measure.
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