Friday, May 4, 2012


While reading a copy of "Some Pig," (a segment of E. B. White's original tale) together on the kitchen couch, Esky stopped me with a hand on my arm, interjecting, "Wait, stop, I want to tell you something."  [This is not at all uncommon for her.]

"Yes, Esky?"

"I'll show you.  Heeee...[pointing at John Arable] looks like my dad."
Some of the many things I find unusual about this:
  • First of all, Esky hardly ever calls Haki her "dad."  He is "Papa."  Furthermore, it's like your sister saying, "I'm getting my mum this for mother's day" -- it feels off because the person she's speaking about is a shared relative, so the sentence doesn't need the "my."  The combination of unfamiliar terms from her lips, generally, caught me off-guard.  Then I replayed the meat of it...
  • Esky has never found a look-alike for Haki in any book we've read before.  Y'see, if she threw such claims around willy nilly, well, then that would simply be a toddler classifying "men," yes?  But no, she has never pointed out a resemblence before (and hasn't again since), leading me to presume there is some degree of discrimination in her assertion.
  • I fail to see a likeness.
  • When I share Esky's thoughts with Haki (book open, in-hand), I waited for him to laugh in reply, instead he said, "Yeah?"  I repeated, "Yeah?"  He continued flatly, "It does look like me." 
  • By the mouth of two witnesses, my husband looks like this farmer.
  • This farmer who is explaining why he must go and kill the runty pig, no less.  I think the explaining-face is key to the claim.
  • What do you think?
I guess there are worse people he could look just like
In fact, now that I'm lookin', Mr Arable cuts a pretty mean silhouette in those overalls.  Growr.
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