Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eight at 8:00 -- While I am in the chair...

...having my munchers drilled into...

I thought the least I could do was schedule a post to pop up.   I mean, it must be hard for y'all to be hitting "Refresh" every 3 minutes to check for an update on my dental school visit / project: don't faint.

/crickets chirping

Here's eight things I'm going to try and think about while I'm closing my eyes and going to my happy place; eight posts that make me smile to remember, all from years ago;

  1. The time I posted my sister a panini.
  2. The absurdity of having had our doormat stolen.  Twice.
  3. The time Haki and I agreed the same person would be the frontman of our dystopian worlds.  (Thanks for reminding me of this conversation, Jenny. x)
  4. The darndest things my students would say.  (See, I was used to all of this talk about poop before I had kids).
  5. Some of the crazy things I've heard over the pulpit.
  6. That time I ate that thing. Twice.
  7. The time Haki contested he was a better kid than me.  (Wrong.)
  8. How Haki has tried to give me some cheats for becoming the great pretender when it comes to dancing.  Tried.
I'll be back soon...with an update on how I fared with the flossers.
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