Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An End to Abstinence

Op shopping abstinence, that is.

At a week's passing, I accepted I needed to cancel my cards and replace my wallet and its innards.  This purchase gave me the first valid reason in a long time to spend money on anything other than food and AP's.  I decided $10 was a generous budget for a replacement -- given that most op shop manager's are becoming too savvy to allow the quality goods (i.e. real leather / cute prints / sturdy workmanship) slip by with small pricetags -- and I wanted a quality wallet to aid in lining my cloud of frustration with silver.

As we slid open the door to my favourite Sallies, Esky beamed as she cried, "I've been here before!"  Oh yes, yes you have, my minion.

I found a leather wallet.

Among other things.
A photo album, stacker container, two rackets, two bats, a wooden play highchair ($2), and a beautiful bouncinette ($3).  Oh, and George is guarding the new wallet.

Money may not buy you love or happiness, but I venture it can enable distraction and satisfaction.   In my case, falling off the wagon felt gooooood.  It gave me an inexpensive wallet to carry and slowly fill, but moreover, it helped my mood through all of the sign-ups I made at counters with two preschoolers yesterday.  In the rain. It was a really good day when it could have easily been mediocre.  The girls were cheerful and chipper.  We now have rackets for our entire family to play tennis (a close-range variation for now).  

$2, for Esky to feed Florence in style? Money kind of does buy happiness.  A wee bit.
Yes, I bought a bouncinette.  I am not expecting.  But I am hopeful we are not past a need for such things in The Lighthouse.
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