Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ivy, Unenthused

A little horse bite on one of Ivy's super-thighs is all that's required to ensure she's a willing subject for the camera.  If she's alone in the shot, a few silly faces and sounds from behind the lens do the trick.  But I have to say -- as happy as I am to capture a winning grin -- I'm also mighty fond of her candid expressions, caught accidentally when she is not the subject of the shot;

Exhibit A: "You squish and kiss me so often I can pretty much carry on without even noticing anymore."
Exhibit B: Utter disapproval at mirror self-portrait of Mama's iPhone case, not Mama. 
Exhibit C: "What. are. you. doing. siblingkin?"
Ah, Ivy -- you tolerate us all.  Nay, love us.  Aw.
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